The New Lenox Rock Island Metra Station Improvement project constructed a new 2,272 square foot Metra station with a 1,160 square foot open air waiting area and new commuter platforms at a more central location to the 1,000-space parking facility that serves the station. The project also included a major rehabilitation and reconfiguration of the existing parking areas.

While maintaining the safety of workers on site, protecting the environment and adhering to the Village’s fiscal constraints, significant efforts were made to ensure the project met its primary objectives of improving rider experience and comfort, reducing delays at the Cedar Road railroad crossing, enhancing public safety, increasing multi-modal connectivity and improving the visibility of and access to the station. Accomplishing these goals required extensive planning, collaboration and cooperation throughout all phases of development and ultimate successful completion.


The Details


New Lenox, Illinois

Construction Cost/Fee

$8.6 million/$350,000


Village of New Lenox