Water Resources Engineering

CBBEL staff has extensive experience in all aspects of water resources, including environmental studies, water quality enhancement, permitting, hydraulic and hydrologic analyses for FEMA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and municipalities, counties, and state agencies in Illinois and Indiana.


The Water Resources Department provides various services to municipal, county, state, federal, and private clients related to stormwater drainage and floodplain analysis. We have investigated and analyzed numerous flood events from the August 1987 event through the summer of 2016. These studies have resulted in many designs for flood control projects and FEMA Map revisions as well as expert witness reports and testimony. Best Management Practices, green infrastructure design, and water quality impacts are included in many of our studies. We have stormwater permitting expertise through many municipal agencies and every county agency throughout the Chicagoland area, as well as state and federal agencies.


Service List


FEMA Studies

Flood Control Studies

Floodway / Floodplain Construction

Green Stormwater Design

Golf Course Design Assistance

Hydraulic Modeling and Design

Hydrologic Studies and Investigations

LOMA / LOMR Submittals

MS4 Community Compliance

Ordinance Consulting


Stormwater Management Facility Design

Stormwater Plan Design

Streambank Stabilization

Stormwater Utility Implementation

Watershed Planning