Traffic Operations

Our staff of engineers and surveyors can tackle any size transportation project quickly and efficiently. We maintain an active role throughout projects for a wide variety of public sector traffic and transportation engineering projects.


CBBEL offers our clients unparalleled expertise in Traffic Operations analysis and design. This includes robust and broad project experience with traffic signal design, traffic signal timings & implementation, signal system planning and design, monitoring of closed loop signal systems, traffic signal warrant studies, and general traffic engineering studies. In addition, we have a strong familiarity with Adaptive Signal System Control, Ethernet communication, and Central Traffic Management Systems. Our extensive background with traffic simulation modeling allows us to provide a wide variety of engineering solutions to serve our clients.


Service List


Intelligent Trasportation Systems

Local and Federal Funding Assistance

Railroad Quiet Zones

Traffic Signal Cooridnation and Timing Studies (SCAT)

Traffic Signal and System Design

Traffic Signal System Monitoring