This Internship Program is designed to give students and professionals who participate the best experience, both professionally and personally. This program will allow interns to apply academic knowledge in a professional environment as well as acquire new skills by means of continuous on-the-job training provided directly by CBBEL’s engineers.

CBBEL is committed to its interns and their professional and personal development. This is why three initiatives were created to further enrich interns’ learning experience.

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Mentoring Program

The purpose of this program is to establish a meaningful and professional relationship, from which mentor and mentee will both benefit. Mentees will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding about their profession’s culture, appropriate behaviors, attitudes and protocols, build their professional network and obtain a greater knowledge of career success factors and awareness of skill gaps.

Software Training

CBBEL understands that with the rapid pace of technological change in the construction and engineering industry, software training is more important than ever. As a result, a space for software training was included in the Internship Program (Microstation, Geopak Road, Projectwise, Autoturn, Hydroflow, HY-8, Paydirt, Eaglepoint).

Design Project

During the course of the internship, interns will have the opportunity to visit and take a close look at one of CBBEL’s design projects, Elmwood Park Flood Mitigation, and explore how the different disciplines interact to deliver a comprehensive solution, as well as visit projects that are exclusive to one of the engineering disciplines. This is a great opportunity to see how what is learned in the classroom is applied to real world engineering projects.