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CBBEL Continues Stormwater Planning in Park Ridge

May 17th, 2018

City of Park Ridge

CBBEL has worked with the City of Park Ridge on stormwater planning and construction efforts since 2008, including assisting the City with various flooding assessments, completing a citywide model of the combined sewer network, helping the City to establish the infrastructure for a Stormwater Utility Fee, developing engineering plans and overseeing construction of a $4.5 million program of sewer improvement projects.

Park Ridge_Combined

Park Ridge_Newletter Report Cover

Photo and modal simulation of April 18, 2013 flood event in Park Ridge.

In 2017, the City continued its efforts at improving flood control by engaging CBBEL to develop a Stormwater Master Plan. Over the course of the year, CBBEL took a comprehensive look at flooding issues, engaging residents to identify unknown flooding areas and developing new stormwater improvement projects aimed at providing a 100-year level of flood protection throughout the City. As part of the comprehensive study, CBBEL used aerial drones to map selected areas. This drone data was used to create a 3D model that could be “flooded” to match modeling results and then compared to photos from flood events. This tool proved useful to visually depict modeling results and to gain confidence in the modeling from residents and elected officials. With the completion and presentation of the report in January 2018, the City now has a roadmap to follow in its pursuit of flood control improvements.

Jeffrey Julkowski, PE
Senior Project Manager
Water Resources Department

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