CBBEL assisted MWRD with the finalization and implementation of the Watershed Management Ordinance (WMO) that became effective in May 2014 by performing a QA/QC of the WMO and providing suggested revisions before it was finalized. CBBEL also developed the Technical Guidance Manual (TGM) to provide guidance on the various stormwater, floodplain, wetland, riparian, and other permitting requirements of the WMO.  In addition, CBBEL assisted MWRD with public training workshops for engineers, municipal staff, and other stakeholders on the permitting requirements of the WMO.  CBBEL was responsible for developing the presentations as well as presenting the material at the various Watershed Planning Councils (WPCs) throughout Cook County.  Furthermore, CBBEL provided training workshops for HEC-HMS hydrologic modeling software as it relates to the WMO and provided in-house training to MWRD staff.


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Chicago, Illinois

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