CBBEL completed a Village-wide stormwater study to identify drainage problem areas, develop projects that work in conjunction with the capital improvement plans for the Village of Deerfield and provide a prioritization matrix for future planning efforts.

CBBEL collected a variety of data for the study, including engineering plans, flood questionnaires, photographs, videos and survey data. Because an open house was not able to be held, CBBEL also met with numerous residents one-on-one and performed additional field assessments.

Utilizing the collected data, as well as GIS storm sewer data provided by the Village, CBBEL created a detailed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the entire Village. This analysis, in addition to the collected data, helped identify capacity limitations and levels of service, which resulted in forty-two project study areas. The study areas were categorized into three types: structure, street, and rear yard flooding.

Conceptual solutions and associated costs were prepared for each study area. A Village-wide stormwater report presented each drainage issue and detailed concept solutions. The proposed projects designed to reduce flooding range from increased conveyance capacity to stormwater storage. An evaluation of each project and its benefits was summarized in the report.

The report provides the Village with options for private property owner improvements, including the possibility of providing design
assistance to property owners that wish to implement drainage improvements on their property.


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