CBBEL assisted the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC) during the construction of the Addison Creek Bellwood Reservoir Project. Services included review of drawings and submittals, field surveying, on-site environmental monitoring and more.

The MWRDGC Addison Creek Bellwood Reservoir will have 600 acre-feet of flood storage volume and is located on 20-acres of industrial land in the Village of Bellwood.

Along the west side of Addison Creek an intake structure will be constructed that will consist of a 120 linear foot weir with a crest elevation 1.4’ higher than the Addison Creek 2-year flood elevation, a concrete chute and a concrete drop structure. Once the floodwaters enter the drop structure, they will be conveyed eastward to the reservoir through two 87.5” steel pipes bored under the railroad tracks located between Addison Creek and the reservoir. A concrete spillway located in the reservoir will dissipate the energy of incoming floodwaters and a pump station will be constructed to enable the dewatering of the captured floodwaters back to Addison Creek after the flood levels have been receded.

When the Addison Creek Channel Improvement project is completed, the projects will reduce flooding to approximately 2,200 structures in Northlake, Melrose Park, Stone Park, Bellwood, Westchester and Broadview.


The Details


Cook County, Illinois

Construction Cost/Fee

$90 million/$1.5 million


Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago