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Plum Grove Road Reconstruction

May 10th, 2016

VillageĀ of Schaumburg

Modern Roundabouts are an effective and sustainable transportation solution for many locations. The primary benefits of the modern roundabout are improved traffic flow due to the low speed yield control for entry versus stop control, a smaller environmental footprint due to reductions in emissions and traffic noise, improved safety due to a reduction in traffic conflict points from 32 to 8 compared to a typical four leg intersection, and elimination of the maintenance and electrical costs associated with traffic signals.

The Village of Schaumburg plans to install two modern roundabouts as part of their federally funded PlumĀ Grove Road (Golf Road to Wiley Road) project. Other project improvements include replacing deteriorated pavement/drainage/lighting, improving vehicular/cyclist/pedestrian operations and safety, and upgrading bike paths/sidewalks/landscaping.

Schaumburg Plum Grove Road_Roundabout2.0

As part of the Phase I Engineering study completed by CBBEL, the single-lane modern roundabout alternative was evaluated and determined to be the most practicable alternative for the Village, and was approved for implementation by the Village, IDOT and the Federal Highway Administration. Phase II Engineering is ongoing, with construction anticipated in 2018.

Matt Huffman, PE
Project Manager
Phase I Engineering Department

Bryan Luke, PE
Project Manager
Civil/Phase II Engineering Department

Schaumburg Plum Grove Road_Roundabout