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Northside Stormwater Management Project

May 10th, 2016

Village of River Forest

The Northside Stormwater Management Project was a $15M sewer separation project designed to reduce frequent, severe residential flooding and sewer backups by separating storm and sanitary flows in the northern portion of the Village and improve water quality in the Des Plaines River basin. The project was funded locally through the IEPA State Revolving Fund program.

In addition to providing critical flood protection to the predominantly residential 280-acre project area, the project delivers a substantial environmental benefit. The newly-dedicated storm sewer system reduces the amount of stormwater flowing into the downstream MWRD interceptor sewer, which will lessen the occurrences and volume of combined sewage released into the Des Plaines River during rainfall events.

The first project, completed in the fall of 2014, included the construction of a new 9-foot by 6-foot outfall to the Des Plaines River with internal energy dissipation, as well as a 9-foot by 6-foot box culvert, storm sewers ranging in size from 12 inches to 96 inches in diameter, a large cast-in-place concrete conflict structure and combined sewer and water main relocations. This advance contract was constructed on an accelerated schedule to complete the requisite improvements across Thatcher Avenue while it was already closed for a nearby IDOT bridge project, avoiding a second lengthy full closure of Thatcher Avenue during the following construction season.

The Phase 1 project, constructed in 2015, consisted of the construction of approximately 19,100 feet of storm sewers ranging from 12-inch to 96-inch diameter, 4,100 ft. of new water main, and 4,200 ft of new sanitary sewer, in addition to extensive water and sewer main and service relocations, large conflict structure and roadway reconstruction work. The Phase 1 storm sewer was connected to the first project outfall and fully complete in November 2015, nearly 6 months ahead of schedule.

Bryan Welch, PE
Senior Project Manager
Civil Design Department

Orion Galey, PE
Senior Project Manager
Construction Department