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Libertyville Multi Year Utility and Road Program

February 22nd, 2017

Village of Libertyville
APWA 2017 Lake Branch Project of the Year
Management Innovation (Less Than $5 Million)

Sometimes municipalities are unable to meet their infrastructure capital needs due to a significant lack of funding. The Village of Libertyville grew weary of complaints about road conditions and took the question directly to the residents to decide if they were willing to pay for the required repairs with a property tax increase.

The Village held two “Town Hall” meetings and presented the facts, the roads needed attention and the only way this could be done was with a significant infusion of funding. The request was for $20 million over 5 years. The referendum passed in March of 2012 with 63% in favor and 37% opposed.

Village staff and their consultants were challenged with the task of assessing underground utilities, designing, permitting and then constructing over $5 million worth of improvements within 10 months.Libertyville_IMG_8756_6

Since 2013, the Village has bid the projects in January and February and had the $1.5 million in water main replacement and $3.6 million in road rehabilitation completed by October of each year. Teamwork and efficiency were keys to this success.

When the project is complete almost 40% of the Village pavements will have been rehabilitated over a 6-year period. The 40% has been achieved due to additional funding such as 10 miles of pavement rehabilitated in 2016 for $4.3 million. Due to the contractual efficiencies, an additional year of $3.0 million in construction is anticipated in 2018, a sixth year of the 5-year program.

Vincent Wroblewski
Senior Construction Engineer
Construction Department