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Lansing Pump Station – Pump Replacement Project

October 27th, 2015

City of Chicago Heights
The City of Chicago Heights receives potable water from the City of Hammond, Indiana via a 36” diameter water transmission main which fills a reservoir adjacent to the City’s Lansing Pump Station near 175th Street and Torrence Avenue. The pump station distributes water not only to the City of Chicago Heights but also provides water to the neighboring communities of Glenwood, Thorton, South Chicago Heights and Ford Heights. The original pumps were installed in the early 1980’s and were nearing the end of their service life. Replacement of the pumps and valves was warranted as repair costs and pump out-of-service time were increasing and becoming a nuisance to this critical part of the City’s infrastructure. Three 7,000 gpm pumps, along with associated isolation butterfly valves and flow check valves, were replaced as part of the project while reusing the existing 200 Hp electric motors controlled by variable frequency drives. A new insertion flow meter was also furnished and installed as part of the work. The City’s Water Superintendent, Tena Marquie, is spearheading the revitalization of the City’s critical potable water distribution infrastructure in order to meet the current and future potable water demands and provide reliable, efficient potable water distribution service.

John P. Caruso, PE
Vice President
Head, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Department