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Huntley Downtown Streetscape Project

October 4th, 2016

Village of Huntley

The Village of Huntley recently underwent four concurrent public improvement projects in under one calendar year to completely makeover the Village’s downtown.

As challenging a task as completing these four projects was, another concern was maintaining the Village’s historic identity, while creating a sense of community and a gathering spot for residents.

huntley_post-1Huntley, known as “the friendly village with country charm,” was looking to not only improve the look of their downtown, but parking, traffic flow and infrastructure as well. An additional focus, as with most municipal projects of this size, was minimizing the disruptions to local residents and businesses.

The four projects consisted of water main and water service replacements; store sewer improvements; streetscape of several retail storefronts along Main Street to promote the businesses; expanded utility service and the relocation of utility lines from overhead to underground; new curb alignments allowing for a wider pedestrian corridor; and aesthetic improvements, including decorative pavers, flatwork and landscaped areas.

In an interview earlier this year, Huntley Village Manager David J. Johnson said, “Residents really started to appreciate the fact that we were trying to turn the downtown area into a gathering place for the community. That’s the challenge. As the community grows, how do you keep the identity that has historically been here and balance that with the needs and desires of those who are new to the area? I think we are well on our way to accomplishing that goal.”

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Michael Kerr, PE
Project Manager

Gregory Sanders, PE
Resident Engineer