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Chicago Bike Week June 12-19

October 27th, 2015

Along with 650 other Chicagoland companies, CBBEL once again participated in the Bike Commuter Challenge. Thirty employees rode 1,480 miles during the week-long event which was held June 12-19. CBBEL also hosted a Bike Pit Stop at the Rosemont CTA Blue Line station to encourage commuting by bicycle.

As part of Bike to Work Week, CBBEL pledged a portion of miles commuted to Bikes for Lesotho. The organization has donated over 2,000 used bikes to the developing nation. On July 13th, Christopher B. Burke, PhD, PE along with Jonathan O’Connell, PE presented Dave Gorman from Working Bikes with a check for $3,500 to cover the pledge and an additional donation. For more information about Bikes for Lesotho, email Dave at