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October 4th, 2016

CBBEL Appointed Deer Park Village Engineer

At the September 19, 2016 Board of Trustees meeting, the Village of Deer Park appointed Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. as their Village Engineer.  The main contacts for Deer Park will be LEE FELL, PE  and MICHAEL BURKE, PE.


CBBEL to Act as Interim Public Works Director for Village of Roselle

At their September 26, 2016 meeting of the Board of Trustees, the Village of Roselle approved hiring Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. to act as their Interim Public Works Director until the position can be filled with a permanent Village employee.

This position will require a presence at the Village and will be staffed by JOHN HEINZ and FRANK TRIPICCHIO for the month of October. After that, the position will be staffed by new CBBEL employee Victor Ramirez.

CBBEL is pleased to announce that VICTOR RAMIREZ has joined our staff effective October 24, 2016.  After retiring from a long municipal career, Victor will bring his vast experience to CBBEL.  Victor has been Village Engineer at Mundelein, Lake Zurich and Crystal Lake and his most recent experience is as Director of Public Works at Crystal Lake. Victor graduated in 1976 from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Construction Management.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Illinois and an APWA Top Ten Public Works Leader of the Year Award recipient.


Rosemont Recycling Event Racks Up 53 Cubic Yards of Donated Goods

tbgreen-recyclingdonation-event-18-of-23_postCBBEL (as part of The Burke Group) partnered with the village of Rosemont, Abt Electronics and the Salvation Army to provide a responsible, environmentally friendly method for area residents and employees to get rid of unwanted items during the TBGreen Recycling and Donation event held Aug. 19-20.

In total, more than 53 cubic yards of recycled and donated goods were collected. Their efforts helped keep electronics, Styrofoam and batteries out of landfills, and found new homes for furniture, housewares, kitchen items, books, toys, school supplies, over 30 bags of clothes and many other usable donated items. Proceeds from the sale of the gently used donated items will fund the Salvation Army’s adult rehabilitation program.

“A two-day event like this can really make a difference,” said Christopher B. Burke, PhD, PE, D.WRE, Dist.M.ASCE. “It’s great to be able to declutter your house in a way that is environmentally conscious and helps to provide items to those in need.”


Chicago Southland Dragon Boat Festival

On August 13, a team of 20 paddlers from CBBEL, SPACECO and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) participated in the Chicago Southland Dragon Boat Festival, a sport that stems from an ancient Chinese legend. Dragon boats are thus named because the fore and stern of the boat is in a shape of a traditional Chinese dragon. One team member sits at the front of the boat beating a drum in order to maintain morale and ensure that the rowers keep in time with one another. Legend holds that the race originates from the idea of those who rowed their boats to save Qu Yuan, regarded as one of the greatest poets in Chinese history, after he drowned himself. The team paddled the 42-foot boat into 2nd place.